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Vigneto e Castello Hand Cream - Palissandro

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Vigneto e Castello hand & body cream is an extra rich moisturing lotion. Blended with shea butter & olive oil, it will leave your sking smooth, hydrated & lightly fragrance. Matching hand wash also available.
Size: 280mls
Palissandro - Notes of raspberry leaf, rosewood & currant - inspired by the Tuscan tradition of planting vintage roses between the grape vines.
Other fragrances available:
Acqua Dolce - Water lily & vetiver with subtle notes of hyacinth. The essence of Italian water.
Palazzo - Ancient Venetian spices of cardomom, tamarind & a hint of oud.
Pompelmo Rosso - Luscious Mediterranean red grapefruit, tinged with honey & cumquat's.
Primo Fiore - The first flowering of spring in Florence. Almond flowers & fig with fresh linen.
Toscana - Late sumemer in Siena - the scent of olive groves with sage & basil, infused with tomato leaves.

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